2021 Voter Guides

WA State 2021 General Election Voter Guides Library

FPIW Action is pleased to provide the following voter guides and endorsements from its Washington State policy allies and partners. Click on the images to view their voter education resources, which are noted as *501C3 (appropriate for official church use) or *501c4 (political in nature) and candidate recommendations. *Learn more about Citizen Action Guidelines for Churches and Pastors here.

Also included is the non-partisan Washington State Secretary of State Voter Guide.

Pastor’s Picks (Joe Fuiten) – Covers King and Snohomish counties.

501C3 Church Friendly.
2021 General Election Guide
2021 General Election Guide pending Life Issues / Family Ethics Political Action Committee of Southwest Washington
501C3 – Church Friendly. Click to view Spokane County and Ferry County voter guides.
501C3 Church Friendly.
2021 General Election voter guides in English and Russian languages.

WA Secretary of State VoteWA Non-Partisan GENERAL ELECTION Voter Guide

Non-partisan directory of ballot measures and candidate profiles, perspectives and campaign information, including federal, state, legislative and judicial races. Download personalized Voters’ Guide in PDF.