ENDORSEMENT: Vote Donald J. Trump for President

Four years ago, I was a State Senator from the 30th District running for State Auditor. As you remember, a populist Trump shocked the GOP and the nation and took the nomination from the somewhat-inept “chugging along on fumes” GOP establishment, which was clinging to the now defunct Reagan/Bush coalition.

Having grown up in Queens, NY like Trump, I very much understood and liked that he “told it like it was” and was proudly pro-life, but boy, was he vulgar and crass and self-defeating! Most smart politicians hid that side of themselves, but not Trump!

So, I avoided endorsing him because associating with him, to me, was death in King County to any GOP candidate. I was more concerned about my own election than the future of America. I knew Hillary and the Democrats were purging all moderates and conservatives from the Party and were moving hard left policy-wise, politically, and morally for Christians, but I wasn’t convinced it was yet a national crisis.

I silently, and somewhat cowardly, just filled in the circle for Trump for President, and the rest was history. I lost my race for Auditor, Donald Trump won the Presidency over Hillary Clinton, and then half the nation formed the “resistance” and seemingly lost its mind in regard to Trump and Christian values! Today, I regret remaining silent.

Shockingly, Democrat politicians and other elites, who I have known and served with as a fellow Democratic elected official for decades, have radically changed their temperament and views. They now consider and label everyone like me a deplorable, a bigot, a racist who just clings to bibles and phobias.

I believe that Presidents Trump’s un-statesman like behavior and deliberate taunting and trolling during his first term has so enraged the left, that they have lost sight of what is means to be an American and how to engage in normal discourse. The left has moved from using reasonable “agree to disagree” statements to handle political disagreements to using rampaging mobs, looting, and violence in just four short years.

Something ugly and evil, that was hiding in the dark shadows in the hearts and soul of men and women has now come out of the shadows in force for all to see and fear. Since George Floyd’s tragic death 90 days ago, this evil has possessed and convinced Democrats all across the country to intimidate, riot, burn and destroy individuals, police forces, cities, businesses, and everything they touch without apology or reason.

In order to defeat Trump in this election, Democrat leaders “have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind” (Hosea 8:7). They have lost control of the evil they have created. It seems we are fast approaching Pol Pot’s Cambodia, China’s Cultural Revolution, Germany’s Weimar Republic, and Stalin’s Russia in magnitude.

It has already consumed or intimidated the Democratic Party, its leaders and candidates from Biden to Pelosi to Inslee to Durkan all the way to the lowest political activists. Virtually, the entire liberal elite in social and news media, academia, professional sports, mainline Christian churches, public schools, unions, and business organizations have succumbed.

Today, it should be clear to all, that Biden and the Democratic Party have renounced reason, their Christian faith, and sense of American values and accepted the temptation that the Devil offered Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. Joe Biden, just like other ambitious Catholic and Evangelical Christian Democrats (Ted Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Al Gore, and Bill Clinton), has sold his soul for power and embraced evil. Joe Biden, if he is elected, will lead or allow the persecution of Christians, conservatives, and anyone who stands up against the radical left.

Today, because of who and what is backing Joe Biden and what they intend to do, FPIW Action strongly endorses President Trump for reelection. This election is not about the regular political and policy issues anymore. It is about America’s survival as a nation. Frankly, we are really not even sure Joe Biden has control of his own campaign and policy decisions anymore.

We believe that President Trump can move from a merely adequate president barely holding back the darkness, to someone that can unite Americans in our greatest crises since our founding in 1776. However, he will need to step up with humility, grace, and statesmanship, become a man of repentance and prayer, and truly prioritize the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all that he does.

I, and FPIW Action, will not be silent this election. I call on ALL Christians and people of goodwill and faith, Republicans and Democrats, male and female, Black and White or any race, to repent of their sins and publicly reject the evil that is now seeking to run our world. Vote for President Trump and demonstrate to our enemies the mercy and love our nation needs.

O Lord, forgive us our sins, and grant us the courage and wisdom to fight for, and vote for the right leaders in our time of need, against the coming darkness.